A true Christmas Story, from a guy who sold his Santa outfit some time ago!

If you ever feel like the Christmas season has been overshadowed with greed and over commercialization I hope you might take a minute to read my personal Christmas Story.

As some people know I have now lived past my life expectancy caused by stage 4 cancer. This in itself might make many people rejoice; however, believe me that while rejoice is in-line here, the most important for me  is to being able to savor each and everyday as if it were my last day on this earth.  Accepting differences of opinion from  family and friends is indeed a positive thing.  Desiring that others achieve whatever type of success they are striving for is a form of critical thinking I believe everyone needs.  You can complain about anything, but you can only find joy and happiness by being grateful for what you have or have had.

It would be easier for me to withdraw into sorrow for my dreaded plight, but that is a downward spiral leading to a dismal passing from this life to what may lay ahead.  I have seen many children during my life journey who are not given the right of pursuit of their own happiness.  A quick view of victims of a children’s cancer center, or any dreaded disease, should be all one needs to become grateful for whatever you have or have had.  To say you would exchange your time left on earth to provide a stricken child with the ability to enjoy their life is an easy way to quell your anger at life’s passing your by.  This, by the way, is far easier thing to say than to do.

All memories are woven into our souls and when you add to your fabric of life each day you do wake up again, this is the miracle of life.  A gift of remembering that our actual being, or memory of our being to others, is something that brings true joy.  Thankfulness of being in a happy family that does not require that every child, relative or acquaintances need not have identical goals to your own, or any happiness quotient that applies to everyone. 

So I hope everyone that I know, or come in contact with, will learn to enjoy and savor all relationships and each individual’s idea of what is right for them.  We don’t need to think alike, vote alike or have any mutual goals except that we want everyone to enjoy their journey thru life in a way that pleases themselves and their loved ones.

The fear that one’s passing will then make them fade from all existence can be eased by telling everyone that you come in contact with that you truly wish them a Merry Christmas for themselves and their loved ones.

That there be little conflict in everyone’s life and happy memories of friends and family. Also, when conflict does enter our lives,  we can use this anxiety to strengthen our belief and confidence that thru this conflict comes our actual strength.

My conflicts with life, and the acceptance of death as a part of our actual life journey,  is what reinforces my belief in God and my knowledge that attempting to reinforce this concept to everyone I come in contact with is what can create your eternal being.  That any being or memory thereof can only remain on this physical earth if you are able to leave a positive memory for others who are left behind.

My memories are now being filled with hope for my friends, grandchildren and children to be completed with goodwill to all men.    This type of love is all we need to live past our mortal existence on this earth.

I hope everyone will take this season as a time to build their relationship foundations in a way to causes true happiness and joy for the rest of the year and the balance of your life.

This is what I mean when I say Merry Christmas.  Have a joyous Christmas, a happy life and celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.  Try to remember what has real meaning of your lives.  Peace to all.

I hope you might share this story with others, if you agree with it!  I also hope we will all might to share some bread, or drink, during this next year as my wife and I utilize our many mileage bonus flights or if you find yourself in beautiful Las Vegas!  Hopefully I will be able to enjoy another Christmas in 2018, if not I assure you I will savor each day I wake up and as Willie Nelson says,  Woke up still not dead again today.  “Still Not Dead”-God’s Problem Child.

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