Happy as a monkey in a monkey tree…….


A group of tdraveling mothers I love

Dam Square in Amsterdam

A recap of my travels, fun, life and death , hopefully later than sooner!  Wanted to recount a few stories I picked up along the way, most are pretty damn funny.

From driving through Europe a few times,  often when picking up new cars in Germany,  I have met more than a few people in far-away places and they nearly all had at least one great story.

The travel became more intersting with my second, and final, wife.  Exploration while sharing the experience with one you like and love has created  Never stop exploring your relationships with family, trips at home and abroad.  The old adage of enjoying the trip sometimes more than the actual destination is how we roll.

If we are aquainted you might see something you said, hopefully get credited for, and remember it as well as I do.  If you worked in one of my companies you have likely made a contribution to my life experience.  For that I thank you, the best gifts I every received are that of interactions with people wherever I go.

Home is now Las Vegas, great place to travel to and from.  I’ve still in the process, for the last 10 years, of polishing off my bucket list.  By the way, I intend to allow just about any comment, negative or positive, as long as it isn’t racist, offensive or the such.  Not to interested in politics lately, last involement was as a precint captain for Bernie all I got of that was a lousy tshirt and a very lively Nevada Caucus meeting, but,  we all know how that turned out.  At this time I’m paying attention to the political scene; however, I willing to wait and see.  No time to protest now, did that in the 60’s and 70’s.

I keep on searching for a heart of gold and I’m getting old.…………Neil Young

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