Elvis, the end

When Elvis bought the farm it was in his bathroom. My friends, , as I have been told, my saga also started in the bathroom with a little twist. My life saving wife pulled my fat butt from the bathroom back to our bedroom. Whenever she recomends we call an ambulance and go to the hospital I make a comment like “I will sleep this off, forget the hospital cause I’m dying anyway.” As a blank stare took over my face Barbie ignored my request and called 911 anyway, Next thing I knew 5 or 6 fireman had loaded me on a chair and were hauling my fat ass down 2 flights of stairs and to the hospital ICU. During this ICU experience I suffered a memory scramble, couldn’t remember my birthday or the actual date or day. The capper was I couldn’t even remember who the president was! I only replied to questions with a yea, yes or no with no other details. What I guessed was a stroke was actually an extremely infected kidney. Doctor after doctor asked me the same questions over and over what year is it, who is the president, where are you. The last thing I remember was being taken to an operating room, with my daughter Cassie saying a prayer for me. I thought that this was the end from all my children were there all looking like this might really be the end.

O.K. it’s been nearly three years since my prognosis with stage bladder cancer! Had a bout with mexican revenge that landed me in the hospital around a year ago with sepsus.

Sepsus. Outside of that, and some blisters on my feet, I have walked this cancer path with very few side-effects. This side-effectless cancer all came to an end last Wednesday.

This time I lost my ability to talk, a week later I’m back, kind of. I’m guessing 90% of my verbal skills are back; hopefully, my writing skills are also back.

Since I have rejected chemotherapeutic treatments they have decided hospice services for Harry.. Kind of scary that they are are no longer interested in life saving strategies like transfusions! Provided my body continues to make blood that should be good.

Anybody who has experience here, does my Medicare and supplemental coverage still work?

Another journey of learning has just begun. The short story is I’m back, for a while anyway!

My replacement is already on site and ready to take over for me!