Rolex vs. pipecleaner braclet

Christmas tree’s real meaning changes with age……

Enjoyed a sermon this morning and I think it’s worth sharing.  It concerns Christmas and how it’s meaning changes as we get older.  It is especially meaningful for me as I reach my golden years.  (not really sure about the golden years anyway)

As I looked at my wrist this morning I was struck by the look of a simple pipecleaner braclet, created and given to me by my grandson Noah, and a rolex given to me from my son several years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, the platinum rolex was a great present; however, today I think I’m just as happy with a braclet created just for me this morning.  I’m planning on giving the rolex back to my son prior to my departure for the pearly gates, more likely to wear the pipecleaner braclet to meet St. Peter.

When children see a Christmas tree they are very excited by the actual
presents under the tree.  I’m sure many can relate to this feeling and the anticipation that goes along with it.

I’m not sure when, but as I’ve become older my excitement is not from the presents under the tree.  At this point I have just about every material thing that I have ever wanted, rather I do get excited by something different from the material presents.

My excitement comes from who is present. Whose presence around the Christmas tree is what brings me joy and happiness.

A couple of different letters and spelling is what I’m talking about.  Love to see a room full of children that can barely contain their happiness and the anticipation of what new toys and gifts are awaiting a frenzied unwrapping of their surprises.

So while I might bitch about the commercialism of this holiday season, the decorations and all that.  I tell myself to shutup and enjoy others and be grateful for what I do have.  It is a relief not to worry about what I might recieve as a gift.  Besides gifts for our children, it’s also a time to think of those who don’t have anything to be thankful for.

It is really a time to be grateful for all past blessings and for the birth of Christ our lord.

Hope your holiday’s are filled with happy children and an overdose of food.   Time to enjoy the giving part and not the receiving part.


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