What is your life expectency? Living to your own expectations…..experience the trip.

Expect to acheive your goals, living up to your expectations, thanks for the confirmation by Art Costello!

From cancer to fun, it is what you make it.  After my last doctor visit……

Experiencing flying in a helicopter into the Grand Canyon,  and getting out alive, priceless!  Here is a quick video of our return to the airport, via The Strip!

What is the real medical diagnosis?  After my CT scan I am feeling pretty good about those results.

Bladder cancer, check!  (can’t find any signs of cancer.)

Lung tumors, check!  (almost 40% reduction in tumor size.)

Kidney cancer, no check.  (still growing however, good news is that since other cancer sites are improving they have several options to attack the kidney cancer)

Spoke to my Las Vegas oncologist about this positive prognosis and when I might expect to be done with the  every 3-week Keytruda treatments.  Again, I was pretty pumped with my progress.

The doctor looked at me squarely and said, “The Keytruda treatments will go in every three weeks indefinitely.  If you stop the treatments your tumors will grow back rapidly.” 

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this answer as I thought my bladder cancer was “cured” and gone.  I guess not so much so.  Considering the alternative, which is death, I think this every three-week 42 minute treatment is a great alternative.

One thing I am noticing, there are more than a few people who are now experiencing successful treatments of once immediate  fatal prognosis of their cancer.  What this means is,  our medical community is having more and more victories in once completely dismal predictions of death.

Here is the best part of my cancer experience.  The ability to enjoy and savor everyday with a few goals:

  • Making life better for those people who are less fortunate.
  • Enjoying time with our spouse, children and  grandchildren, our future.
  • Traveling to experience places that may be new to me or places I’ve been before  and seeing and enjoying them in a different way.
  • Appreciating the experience of this life a thankful acknowledgement of what the Lord has provided for all to enjoy.
  • Sharing my experiences in a positive manner and knowing that our life is what we make it.  Time to stop whining and go ahead with a more positive slant on life.  
  • Thanking God for the blessings I have received.

During a visit with my granddaugher Payton Fuller we enjoyed a fun-filled week of:

  1. Riding the giant High Roller ferris wheel at The Linq on the Las Vegas strip
  2. Shopping for some new clothes, both momma and Payton
  3. Taking a great helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon!  (Thanks to Clinton)
  4. So much dining with Dupar’s pancakes and Black Tap milkshakes at the Venitian.
Buckled up and heading to explore the Grand Canyon!

Take the time to enjoy your family, yourself and savor the lesson that follows.

Enjoying,  a  cooling spell in Las Vegas today.  (down to 102 degrees).

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