Two-lane highway, Las Vegas via The Santa Fe Trail.

The temperature hit 113 degrees today in beautiful Las Vegas!   Ready to head back to central Illinois tomorrow morning!  Also ready for a CT Scan to see how well keytruda is working on my lungs.

Enjoyed a nice drive from Normal, Illinois to Las Vegas a few weeks ago.  Rolling down two-lane highways and enjoyed stopping in long forgot towns.  Colorado state route 91 took me from Limon, Colorado to the Santa Fe Trail, that this was a scenic trip is an understatement.  While this trip was solo, it gave me a lot of time to think and enjoy this journey.


Last week another road trip to Denver, Colorado with Barbie for a fun-filled wedding party.  We decided to take the scenic route and stopped for our first night in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The temp was down from 100 to 84 and it felt good.  Next day we traveled to the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Our hotel was the historic La Fonda on the square.  A remarkable hotel with a fantastic chef whose specialty is northern New Mexico cuisine. Poblano peppers and fresh rainbow trout for breakfast!  Then two days in Denver, actually Highlands, Colorado.  Explored some great ice cream in Little Man’s in downtown Denver and then a great wedding at a grand old mansion at Highlands ranch.

Still getting over my urologist telling me there was no cancerous tumor to be seen in my bladder and abouts.  I’m thinking my prayers are being answered and hopefully good news lays ahead in Bloomington concerning my lungs next week.

I’m thinking it’s time for a cool down in Illinois and we won’t miss the 100 degree plus temps at home in Las Vegas.

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