Fall fun, time to keep moving!

  • Take some time to love the one you are with.  There may, or may not, be a tomorrow.  Today’s the day to focus on everyday you wake up!

Great fall weather, time for a little drive to explore a place I’ve never been too.  Hope there is still a little color changing in the trees.

Still getting used to only one visit a month to Houston!  Next scan early November, that should define my story somewhat.

Happy that I’m already making plans for 2018, never thought that in itself would make me so happy.  Already decided to travel entire U.S. Via Southwest Airlines….great destinations from Las Vegas!  Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones!

Well just remember your life can be as great as you make it.  New mantra for Harry, “it’s all good til it isn’t.”

Houston October 5th for a quick check then a month off again!  

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