Humility & Thankfulness is better feeling than it’s weaker brother pride

Sitting on my back porch and nobodies on the golf course, it’s 82 degrees without a cloud in the sky and a clear view of Mount Charleston, tallest mountain in the state of Nevada.

Listening to some great tunes this morning.  Just previewed the new Toby Keith release The Bus Songs.  Over the weekend I heard Toby giving an interview, the commentator was shocked about the content concerning its political incorrectness.  Toby explained that these songs were one’s they played on their tour bus and rarely on stage.  More of a fun group of songs concerning getting drunk, dating big women and smoking weed with Willie.  Pretty smooth approach Mr. Keith seeing as I downloaded the whole enchilada after the interview.

Right in the middle of my morning coffee the music has been drowned out with the roar of three F-18’s thunderously streaking across the sky only to disappear over the mountains that buffer the Las Vegas valley from the massive military installations that include Creech Airforce Base (home of the drones) and the infamous area 51.  This deafening roar always make me think about the same things freedom and our countries commitment to protect our butts.

Anyway just wondering how my life might get any better.  Leaving Las Vegas in the morning to visit family and friends in Normal, Illinois.  While I love living in Vegas I do miss spending time with children, especially grand children.  Also want to check out the rebuild on my 51 Chevy truck and possibly get it ready for a cross-country drive from Illinois to Las Vegas weather permitting.

Hey, I almost forgot the moral of this story!  The feelings of thankfulness and humility are definitely outweighing the often overworked emotion of pride.  While this is from my personal experiences, I think you might also consider this.

PRIDE– Pride is an unrestrained and improper appreciation of our own worth.  This might be the one deadly sin that often leads to other sins.  Pride is manifest in vanity and narcissism about one’s appearance, intelligence, status and the such.  Dante described pride as “love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one’s neighbor.”

This rough definition of Pride was first drafted in the 4th century, by a monk named Evagrius Ponticus who listed this as the worst of eight evil thoughts.  (The church used these “thoughts” as the basis of the seven deadly sins.)

Humility & Thankfulness– My past experiences, concerning self-pride, included an unrealistic feeling that I was proud of my business accomplishments and personal possessions.  I guess hindsight is often a better perspective than when you are “in-the- moment”.  Here is my take now-

It’s great to enjoy nice things that you want and earn; however, it is better to just be thankful for any blessings you might have and to remain humble in your accomplishments.  Contrary to some beliefs, nobody gives a damn about how successful you are or are not.  Only exception might be your mom or family and that celebration should be kept to yourselves.

OK then, just wanted to tell anyone who might be interested.  I now understand the value of thankfulness and humility.  Take care folks, getting ready for some autumn fun.  Have a great day, appreciate your family and friends.

Got a little time, til October 5th, until my next check-in at MD Anderson in Houston.  I think I like Fall in the midwest, since I’m gone in the Spring  for the most part.

Summer fun around Las Vegas-


One thought on “Humility & Thankfulness is better feeling than it’s weaker brother pride

  1. Well stated Harry, and I too have heard a few of Toby’s interviews on The Bus Songs. Just saw him in concert and will be purchasing his latest album as well. Great perspective with this blog! Enjoy this great season of autumn with your family and friends!


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