4:20 Brownie Time

DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0
As a cautionary warning the following edibles should be baked or consumed sometime between 4:20pm and 4:20am or vice versa.

Somewhat modified sugar-free brownie delites!  Chocolate, coconut, salty carmel chips, sugar-free chocolate chips, sea salt with double magic butter and sugar-free chocolate frosting.  (Betty Crocker Sugar-free chocolate brownie mix base)

As the kitchen oven baked the chocolate brownie goodness I started to mix the ingredients for some chocolate chip coconut cookies.  A problem did develop during the cookie ingredient mixing process after consuming one too many brownies.  I would herein place this cautionary notice on every package of 420 Brownies:  Do Not Mix Cookie Dough while,  or immediately after, consuming these brownies.  A simple warning; albiet an important one!

The real secret here is the Magic Butter Machine.  Infusing thc into butter, olive oil or tinctures is academic with this seemingly medical grade infusion system.  Amazon is one place to buy one, just saying.  Watch for an instructional video.

So whether you are channeling Martha Stewart or Snoop Dog, get the right tool for the right job.  

Watch for a few Willie Nelson recipes in upcoming blogs.


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