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I’m a 65-year old guy who has a few thoughts concerning life and also concerning life’s conclusion.  Being classified as a stage-4 cancer, hopefully survivor, and the life changes that come from this experience.

A life-saving drug trial at MD Anderson has been reversing my agressive cancer and providing me with an opportunity to smell the roses for a while longer.  Very few symptoms, almost no pain and a renewed interest in leaving this world with a changed impression of my life, actions, goals and thoughts.

This journey has created some new friends and aquaintences who are sometimes also experiencing cancer and the journey of life, what a trip it can be.

If you have an idea on how we can all leave a positive impression on our lives, I’m interested.  That’s the story, you can change the ending!

Spending some time traveling, enjoying each day and also appreciating the joy of a great partner and wife at the same time.

309-287-4804  cell

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