Time to get real or time to move on!

What lies ahead I have no way of knowing

Jim Jones was not the only one telling others to shut up and drink the kool aid.

The end result was conclusive, death. This Is something to consider when making life altering healthcare decisions.

How often are we told what to do, vote or sign something we don’t completely understand?

If we truly are “lucky” the correct decisions can be forthcoming; however, when it comes to healthcare decisions, and your life is on the line, you might consider some factors other than, or in addition to, luck.

When I traveled back to Illinois last week it was for my 50th high school reunion and a measurement CT scan. That was the plan.

First part of my plan. The class reunion was fun and I enjoyed seeing what happened to my former classmates. It felt good to not be on the “dead list”.

When I checked in with my oncologist to schedule a measurement CT scan, to see how my tumors were progressing or regressing, It didn’t go as well as the class reunion.

The second part of my plan was to first measure the tumor activity with a CT scan; however, my oncologist decided to put off the scan and have me get a biopsy of my bladder first. This was to determine if a DNA treatment might work. So far this made sense until I asked for background information on the possible DNA treatments. Regardless of my requests for information on these proposed treatment plans none was provided, or for that matter I couldn’t even find out the name of the proposed treatment!

Although I’ve been feeling pretty good, considering no treatments whatsoever in almost 8 months, I say “There is no better advocate for your healthcare other than your(selves)! (A polite way of calling bullshit!)

Pity those who blindly follow treatment recommendations of an oncologist, when they don’t really fully understand the treatments and the side effects. This drill is something I hear over and over and generally it ends the battle with death for many who blindly follow the order To drink the kool aid treatment in order to lose their battles at the hands of some who think they know best what’s best……

Don’t interpret this blog as hostile or angry, rather a somewhat more reasonable approach to this stage of life.

Since this isn’t my first cancer treatment rodeo I made a decision. I will visit a urologist to get a bladder biopsy, but then I am out of here. Guess I’ll get a CT Scan later, maybe in October or November. Decided European travels are better than chemotherapeutic bullsh#t.

Disappointed to not be included in treatment conversations and I think the doctor is working for me, not vice versa.

I think I’ll head someplace for fun and worry about biopsy results later this year.

I will make these decisions, not my “oncologist”. Somehow their trail seems to lead to chemo or radiation of some type. Hey, I have talked to people blindly following their doctor even when it means the deaths of themselves.

It looks like your many prayers are working and I do appreciate them!

I’m not angry, but I think I’d rather drive my Chevy to the levee…..

Rather drive this Chevy off a cliff (aka levee) than try to survive many chemo treatments
Happy trails enjoy your life today!

2 thoughts on “Time to get real or time to move on!

  1. I’m with you 100%. I almost got thrown out of the hospital for asking too many questions and for refusing meds, tests and lack of info. We know what is best for our own bodies. I have one doctor refuse to see me as a patient because I refused to have a procedure. Enjoy your travels, your time with family and friends and life! Miss you and Barbie!


  2. You have experienced more than most people have in a lifetime! Keep on moving and stay ahead of the end game. I’m so happy you and Barbie are enjoying each other and some great experiences. Have a great European trip and know that a lot of people are rooting for you both ❤️


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