No cancer treatments in over 7 months…..what’s the catch?

Been thinking about mortality recently. After examining my last CTscan I had tumors which were being somewhat stable with no cancer treatments in 7 months.

Considering that two separate cancer centers were now offering me “old school” chemo treatments as a kind of last ditch attempt I had to reach a decision fast. I decided to put off any other considerations for treatment for another six months or so until I had another CTscan to measure tumor activity albeit positive or negative.

Presently still fighting a few persistent sores on my feet where massive blisters have receded recently. After visiting a wound treatment center to examine two persistent sores on each my heels it was very good news. I’m both “on the mend” and I should be thankful to my care giver. (ie. shoutout to Barbie, they even offered her a job wrapping feet!)

Getting ready for a little adventure time, but I’m still deciding on what?! I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices:

  • Hawaii for 2 weeks of vegetation
  • River cruise through Europe
  • Rent a canal house in Jordan, Amsterdam for 2 weeks
  • Drive up coast from Marin County thru Bodega Bay and thru Avenue of the Giants (repeat trip)

Got to finish this experience by later in June so I don’t miss my 50th Class reunion party in Peoria, Illinois. (Didn’t think I was going to make this reunion a few years ago, go figure and don’t forget to praise the Lord.)

So, no news has been good news. Hoping to stay on the mend and explore a few more places while I can. Can’t really thank everyone enough for the continued prayers and positive thoughts.

Happy Trails until we meet again.

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