Knowing when to hold’em and when to fold’em is my biggest question

Had to postpone a trip to Amsterdam, but there is still some tulip time left!  Depending on a few side-effects that seem to be on the mend.  Decided it would be a great time to visit my old home and try to get Normal for a minute or so.  Packing the G-wagon for a drive back home to Illinois.  Planning on a short stop in Santa Fe for food, sleep and shop.

cc Traveling to the end of the line one day at a time.

As I have been considering alternative treatments, I keep hearing Kenny Rodgers, The Gambler.  Funny how this can apply to cancer treatments.

What started as a pre-registration for an out-patient surgery turned into a five night hospital stay.  Here is a hint for all, you must be your own best advocate when it comes to health care.  Just waiting for your doctor to tell you it will all be alright may have worked in Mayberry, Las Vegas not so much.

I haven’t had any cancer treatments since October or 2018, that’s six months on my calendar!  Still waiting for a treatment option; however, only option so far is a pretty dangerous, risky chemotherapy approach.  The delay in Keytruda treatments is because of a few negative side-effects, primarily blisters on the soles of my feet and a few on my hands.  Planning on looking at some alternatives in Bloomington.

My side-effect symptoms are finally, knock on wood, disappearing.  Hands just about clear and vast majority of foot blisters have disappeared.  All things considered, it could be worse as in, I could be dead.  Grateful for this last reprieve.

So if you will be around Uptown Normal drop me a line and let’s share a coffee.  Happy Trails, until we meet again my friends.  By the way since I haven’t had any cancer treatments for over six months, prayers must be working.  Thank you.


One thought on “Knowing when to hold’em and when to fold’em is my biggest question

  1. Have a safe trip and great stop at my hometown, Santa Fe, NM. I will be there in June for a week for my nephews retirement celebration and a family reunion. I’m sure you will see my pic when I post. Happy trails to you and Barbie. Drive safely 👍


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