Getting ready to walk the walk once again..


Sitting around thinking about my next move in my life battles with cancer.  Just reviewed my CT Scan and got some news I was dreading.  After months of positive therapy reports the tumors in my lungs have started growing again with no treatment in the last three months.  additionally, one of my kidneys is having blockage problems passing into my bladder.  

Appointment with urologist in the morning to determine if a stint is possible to relieve pressure on one swollen kidney.  After this minor surgery, I am scheduled to report back to oncologist to either start treatments again or determine if another appropriate drug trial might be available for my case.  Whichever way I go, treatments will likely start again around March 22nd.

Examining ones faith is far easier to talk about in theoretical way than in a reality check like this one.

Anyway first things first,  urologist tomorrow and review some of the available drug trials I might qualify for.  Nothing about fear is worse than the feeling of fear when it manifests itself within yourself.

I’m not giving up quite yet, hopefully the rabbit has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve.  As always, I appreciate your prayers and I will reaffirm my faith in whatever destiny lays ahead.

Hope this new blog format is easier to read and navigate.

Decided to remain in Las Vegas and let Barbie return to Normal for a while   I’m certain she needs a break from this illness and nothing helps more than grandchildren.

Note– take a minute to appreciate your loved ones today because, you never know when your story here on earth is over.   




2 thoughts on “Getting ready to walk the walk once again..

  1. God bless you Harry. A true warrior you are, a wonderful example for the kids and so many lives you have touched by sharing your journey with us. My prayers are continually with you, you’re on my prayer list so never forgotten. God is with you.

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