Finding your faith, since it’s very easy to lose!

Getting my bag packed to travel back to the frozen tundra called Illinois.  Several things img_0429-2going on, including a scan to determine how effective the Keytruda treatments have been, a long-awaited court case hearing, Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.

Concerning the Keytruda, at last scan my lung tumors appeared to be shrinking; however, I’ve never felt like this before!  Very happy to wakeup everyday, but recently I appear to be having a somewhat negative side-effect from these treatments.  A short time ago I noticed an itchy rash on my arm and when I mentioned it to my oncologist I found out about a thing called Keytruda rash.  All things considered, an itching rash is better than being six-foot under, but the rash has jumped to my other arm, my hands and now my feet!  I’m thinking its time to visit my podiatrist , a dermatologist and spending some quality time getting scanned.

I actually never thought I would make another Christmas so that is good news.  As I stood in church this morning, with pain shooting from the blisters on my feet upwards,  I had a strange thing happen.  Rather than focusing on the pain I focused on releasing myself to count my blessings.  I certainly don’t find this pain to be amusing, but it beats the alternative.  I kind of feel like an old car that needs some work done to it!

Looking forward to visiting with my grandchildren and also on realizing that this Thanksgiving there is something to be thankful for.

Number one, I’m still here.  Number two hoping the doctor can give me a little pain relief and finally praying the Keytuda is working!  A few side-effects are a small price to pay for this thing called life.

Consider yourself lucky as things can always be worse.  I used to worry about money and what everyone else thought, now I realize that these were the last things to worry about.  Time to focus on what you are thankful for.  While you are at it,  think about the thousands of people around the world whose problems are far worse than yours.  Refugees, homelessness and those with more serious  medical problems make the consideration of a little pain to be worth the ultimate gains we can experience with a positive attitude.

My prayers are with the children that have been afflicted with serious medical issues before they can even grow up.  So if you are feeling bad about something, try thinking that it could be worse and your job is to appreciate what blessings you might have.  

One more thought today, when you think about someone who has treated you, or your family unfairly, remember this.  You have no obligation to redeem those who have done you wrong,  forgiveness is something for you, those who have done you wrong will pay the ultimate price as you move forward.

Release your anger and work on just eliminating that source of irritation or anger.  There is no rule I have found that requires us to swallow our pride and act like nothing has happened.  Quite the opposite, leave that person in your rear-view mirror, and remember sometimes you can’t always fix stupid.

A final thought for Thanksgiving and thankfulness.  I thank God that my wife has helped me to focus on all things positive and also shown me a thing called faith.  Never thought I would look forward to Sunday, really everyday.

Praying for a good scan and thankful for one more Holiday season!

3 thoughts on “Finding your faith, since it’s very easy to lose!

  1. Harry, I was so touched by your message. Your perspective on life is right on point. I’m wishing you relief from pain and a blessed holiday time with Barbie and your grands.


    1. Thanks for your comments Sonya. I have been fortunate to suffer very few side-effects. Anyway the show must go on, as is said. Barbie and I are living uptown until Christmas, waiting for a nice snowfall as that is when uptown is so beautiful! Hope we might meet up for a cup of coffee one morning is you find time in your busy schedule. Happy holidays Sonya.


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