If I’m lying, but I’m not ….

Friends often say, “How do you really feel? Man You look good!” (ie: Thought I would look more dead-like?)

When I first think about a response, it is far easier to tell someone, “I feel great, physically, as good, or maybe better than I did twenty years ago!”

I can state with confidence that I feel great everyday just to get out of bed and enjoy that day.

Mentally how do you feel is the real question that sometimes only another cancer patient or survivor can really relate to!

Here is a reality check: cancer initially it scares the hell out of most of us.

After my wife and I discussed our (my) situation we came to a most reasonable conclusion after a few fearful , tearful days. Count your blessings. Accept your fate and enjoy whatever is left of your trip.

I’m not the first person to develop terminal cancer, most likely won’t be the last. Here are a few points and questions my wife and I focused on to get our mental heads straight:

Exactly what is the last thing you want someone to remember about you and your life?

  • Take some time to express your final thoughts and message to your friends and family. If not in person then in writing.
  • Try not to be remembered as a whinny, fearful bi#ch. Better happy than angry.
  • When possible, get your financial shit together!

    • If it’s not possible, at least leave a nightmare guided tour that shows a path through your financial quagmire in order to bring your matters to a conclusion.

    If needed complete a power of attorney and a Will (better yet a trust agreement specifying exactly what your last wishes are.)

    At this point you are ready to address the really important stuff.

  • Face your fears by addressing your faith.

    • This faith can allow you not to give into that same fear.

    That same faith allows me the power to always remain positive and expect for the best everyday. That is one thing I would like to be remembered for anyway.

    Hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy each day you are given. One is not guaranteed a tomorrow, say it or do what needs to be done today.

    According to Joshua, God doesn’t tell us not to feel fear; He tells us not to give in to it.

    Getting pumped for London and the Greek Island of Santorini. Count down til 9/23. Living the dream as always.

    Peace out

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