Ever wonder why some people project negativity and anger?

After we learned to control our own lives, I wonder why many folks have never learned, or been taught, how to control their emotions and fears?

Those with no faith in themselves or humanity are people who are best avoided. While you might send them a copy of Art Costello’s book, “Expectation Therapy ”

Even those who profess to be faithful and devout Followers are sometimes confused about what their faith is built on. Projecting hate and anger is the exact opposite of that of love and acceptance.

While I too have often wallowed in hate and anger, realizing that we all can benefit thru acceptable respect for others sexuality, politics and feelings.

Take a look at yourself and exactly what you project with your life. We will be remembered for our acceptance of others and not for projecting the specific sin of envy, greed and others failures of our own untrained minds.

Stay tuned into your own faith and you will learn to accept sickness and the many challenges of our lives.

It’s time to celebrate life, get your shit together before your time is up. You are creating your own life’s remembrance.

True wealth is mental and is directly related to the love you give.

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