Mr Fuller, this is as good as you are gonna get….

Last week, after my latest CT Scan,  I asked the doctor about a slightly itchy rash on my elbow and also on the back of my neck.  His  answer was pretty direct as he said, it’s not gonna get any better Harry. This Keytruda trial is working now, and as long it does great. When, or if, you stop responding to the Keytruda, your only other option is likely chemotherapy.  (ie.  stop the Keytruda, kiss your ass goodbye!)  In other words, the Keytruda trial therapy will continue every 21 days for the remainder of your life, period.

Besides the life sentence to inject this stuff forever, it was a pretty good scan result this time. Tumors in my lungs are continuing to shrink in both lungs and my kidneys.

So as I’ve always said, it’s all good until it isn’t.  Gotta keep a positive attitude here and thank God, and everyone praying for me.  So my reality is that I’m now closing in still on being alive nearly two years after the six month prediction of my demise.  (death)

Concerning the itchy rash on my arm and neck, I’ll take the rash.   The only downside is, according to Mick Jagger,  It’s gonna take an ocean of calamine lotion, but I’ll take that!

Morale of this story:  It is all good, until it isn’t.  Enjoy your day, keep your blind faith and live your life as if it might end tomorrow.

All in all a pretty good prognosis with continued therapy every three weeks or so. Headed back to Las Vegas in a week or so, then a short trip to Washington DC.

Then in an effort to my prove my theory that it’s all good until it isn’t,  While it’s still good I’m soon off to the races, so to speak.

I picked up a couple of round-trip tickets to London🇬🇧and figure I can randomly jump around Europe for a few weeks.  Those who know me also know I am somewhat OCD when it comes to creating an agenda of when, where and how I might enjoy everyday to a maximum return of fun.  (ROF)

Also think I’m going live a little like Tom Petty’s song, Time to move on, time to get going, what lays ahead I have no way of knowing.

Not really sure of what lays ahead here so I booked a ticket from London to Athens🇬🇷,  then to Rome🇮🇹 and then a nice stay on the Greek Island of Santorini.   After a little serious chillin like a villan,  a few nights in Amsterdam🇳🇱 then back to my sweet home Chicago and on to Las Vegas.  If anybody has a tip for excellent cuisine along the way please drop me a note!

I’m packing light, a backpack, a Nikon and an American Express card.  I am fairly certain my wife will enjoy shopping at the massive Harrods with its 330 plus departments and over one million feet of shopping fun,  only a short jaunt from our hotel.  Our other main stop(s) will be at a few of the over 330 Fuller Brewery Pubs around southern England.  I’m feeling a jacket, t-shirt who knows.

Watch for this blog to turn into a travel blog for a while, frankly I’m a little tired of thinking about cancer, the related cancer treatment industrial complex and my next CT scan.  Ready for a relaxed few weeks of exploring, and eating!

On a sad note more than a few good friends have recently lost loved ones to this thing classified as cancer.  Every time I hear of someone passing on it’s hard to have a little anxiety concerning my own destiny .  I attempt to control this anxiety with faith and an expectation of improving health. 

No matter how much anxiety I experience in this life,  a  faith in God and the holy spirit will ease your pain.  Faith does work for me and that might be the best thing that’s come out of my stage 4 bladder cancer.  

So stay tuned and stick around for some fun, for a change!  Time for a little european vacation.  I’m sure it will also result in some great pictures of the sites and of course food.  Happy Trails my friends, until we meet again.

Take a minute
Do what needs to be done….

4 thoughts on “Mr Fuller, this is as good as you are gonna get….

  1. You need a bodyguard/valet/cooldudetotravelwithonyourdime… You got the money Honey, #IGOTTHETIME! Enjoy your trip Snowman!


  2. Fortnum and Mason’s for lunch, champagne, or something else.
    Restaurants and a great place to get gifts–one level of foods and tea, another of tempting trinkets..
    We used to have have shopping and gifts shipped directly home, avoiding both the lugging and the VAT.
    A favorite stop for Mark and I for many years.
    Founded in 1707, grocer to the Queen.


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