Side effects WHAT?

Closing in on being off my drug trial for nearly a month, feeling unbelievably good. Foot pain, gone. Strength coming back….feeling like I’m 40, great considering I’m 66 years old.

Making some decisions on going back on treatments or allowing life to take it’s normal path.

Taking everyday as it comes and sucking the life out of it.

Wondering why someone lives when others die. I’m thinking faith has much to do with this, live your life completely everyday and let your loved ones know how you really feel. Adults and children can be gone today or here tomorrow.

Keep your faith and fulfill your destiny, unfortunately you don’t always get a redo. God bless the fallen children and others.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with loved ones this weekend. Be safe and grateful.

One thought on “Side effects WHAT?

  1. God bless you Harry Fuller, you really are a remarkable man. You have strengths that bring heartfelt tears to my eyes, your strength isn’t just physically strength, it is strength in making your decisions, strength in sharing you trials and pains, not just now but since I’ve known you and your wisdom has always been top notch. You always give respect to your readers, friends, family and loved ones. I pray that this weekend you have a great time in whatever you do. I know where ever you will be, there will be love and laughter and joy. I know everyday for you isn’t the best day for you but you sure do turn it into a wonderful day, even if it is just in words. Harry I will pray for guidance for you while your making your decisions and will keep you in my prayers for a. Miracle. You deserve a miracle, with warm thoughts, love, and respect Harry, I tell you that you were an awesome boss, and I am so glad you have been a part of my life since believed in me and I thank you.


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