Saturday horror in Hawaii, evaluate what is really important


Last Saturday, January 13th for 38 minutes,  island residents and tourists thought they were seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.  People running, making final calls to loved ones and family members.  This abject terror literally shook those who experienced it to their core.

Maybe it was a good thing?  Imagining North Korea had “lit the candle” and launched a nuclear attack brought a deep 38 minute review of many lives for those in this experience.

Suddenly realizing who, and what, was important in your life as it starts the final countdown brings us some very sobering thoughts.  What could you have done better, who will you miss the most.  Regrets for those you have wronged, what was the last thing you said to your loved ones that morning?

This can have a positive affect on these souls.  Finding out the alarm was false is like a new lease on life.  You now have the ability to change, or stay,  your course in life.   We often don’t really understand how important many people are in our life.  They also, for at least a while, might remember to express your true feelings to your loved ones.

As a guy with an aggressive stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I can attest to the many feelings of what I might have done differently in my life came up front and center.  Wishing you hadn’t been involved in a petty argument is the least of this revelation.

Because I’m involved in an experiment therapy to fight my cancer, I have “outlived” many doctors prediction of my demise.  I can tell you a few things, as many of those in Hawaii, this brush with death can do.

  1.  Appreciate everyday when you open your eyes and jump out of bed and I mean everyday.  Stay positive in thoughts and deeds..
  2. Tell you friends and family how much they mean to you.  Expressing your true feelings, and not leaving them unsaid, can cleanse your soul.
  3. Taking the time to enjoy each day as it unfolds.  Reveling in a majestic mountain, a sunny or a rainy day.
  4. Knowing that you are indeed the master of your universe.  Blaming others for your predicament is merely a false sense of justification for  your existence.
  5. Take a moment to renew your faith in your family, life and religion.  What can you personally do to enhance yourself and those you come into contact with?

So as the people of Hawaii file lawsuits, experience post traumatic syndrome and express their abject anger.  I hope they, as many cancer survivors already know, they might simply thank their lucky stars they are still here to enjoy their remaining days one day at a time!   Time to focus on what is important in your life, in case you forgot!

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