It’s not over until you say it’s over, period. Expecting to win.


Woke up this morning to a beautiful day in Las Vegas, fall is upon us!  A crisp 87 degrees this morning with a nice 70 degree evening to look forward to!

A little update from my last visit to MD Anderson.  My nearly weekly trips to Houston are coming to an end, down to one trip a month!  Also full body scans are now every 12 weeks, rather than every six weeks.  No apparent hurricane damages to this phenomenal facility.  I was somewhat surprised when my Uber trip drove past no stacks of ruined drywall or flooded areas.  That said, this is apparently not the norm as many people’s homes were ruined from the storm and resulting floods.

As time passes I am hearing from more and more people suffering from stage-4 cancers.   Sometimes hard to explain why my treatment has been so succesful,  while others are not as fortunate.  evidentially my biological markers are allowing this remarkable comeback from a very negative prognosis.  Experimental treatments and drug trials can work.

Many of the people I speak with are utilizing standard chemo treatment or radiation treatments.  I am sure quite a few people are saved with these traditional therapies; however, the side-effects are often not real positive.  Conventional medicine provided me with no positive results.

Hearing the desperation of a person rapidly approaching a painful death is disheartening, but lending an ear can somewhat be helpful.

The simple fact that I also am classified as a stage 4 cancer victim can allow for an honest discussion of life and death as we know it.  I can honestly say, “I know how you feel” and mean it.   Suggesting prayer is one thing,  but allowing yourself to place all of your faith in prayer is easier said than done.

I forced myself to move forward with blind faith,  concerning my pending demise.  While I now realize the power of prayer I also realize some other things.

Firstly, it’s not over until it’s over.  If conventional medicine is not yielding a positive result, I suggest checking into some type of drug trial specifically designed for your type of cancer.

Secondly, prayer can make it easier to accept our plight regardless of the outcome.  Anybody who knows me might find it hard to believe I am going to church and attempting to assist others with missions of faith.

Lastly, I hope that focusing on helping people who are less fortunate than yourself is somewhat more therapeutic than wallowing in self-pity.  Letting go of one’s anger from your disease, resentment of others who may or may not have wronged you in the past can yield a drastic reduction in your anxiety level.  Focus on the positive for a positive result.

I might suggest that anyone might read Art Costello’s remarkable book, Expectation Therapy.  According to Art, and myself, you will rarely accomplish anything without expecting a positive result.  Short of winning a lottery, you need to expect success in your everyday life.  Marriage, career, friendships and the many challenges we all face daily.

I expected to be accepted into a very limited drug trial.  I expected that it would work.  I expected I would suffer few side-effects.  This expectation was accompanied by not only thoughts, but prayer.  I feel like this treatment is working and will continue to work, until it doesn’t.  Please note I did not feel I was entitled to be successful even though I expected success.

Simply telling your loved one that you are with them and they can beat this thing is another positive way to express your love and concerns.  We will all experience the passing of life, taking the time to enjoy each day and forgiving those who have trespassed against you will put you in a better place.

A most positive thing did recently happen for me.  I am now able to have a “free companion-pass” on any trip I make on Southwest Airlines until the end or 2018!  Planning on taking some time to fly all over visiting old friends, cities I’ve never been to.

Next up, back to Normal for a few weeks and then the east coast for Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to spending some time with some people I’ve never met who have provided me with prayer and positive thoughts throughout this cancer ordeal.  I’d especially like to have a cup of coffee or cocktail with the many people I’ve corresponded with over the past six months or so in New York and Illinois.

For some reason I now have blog followers in India, China and some other places I’ve never been too.  Who ever thought cancer would be a positive common denominator for people everywhere.



Weather permitting I am also looking forward to driving my 51 Chevy truck from Illinois back to Las Vegas.  Recent updates to this 65-year-old truck include power windows, led headlights and some TLC from Tracy Bains.  It is fun to have a vehicle as old as you are that is actually in better shape then you!  (old picture prior to a visit with the Hot Rod Body Shop)

2 thoughts on “It’s not over until you say it’s over, period. Expecting to win.

  1. Awesome!!! Love reading your blog!! Glad to see your progress Harry, stop by and see me at Grand Cafe when your in town, love to see you and Barbie

    Sending you lots of prayers and positive vibes my friend!!!!


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