Houston CT Scan, hope this miracle drug is still working…

Time for another comparative body scan this week to see how drug trial is going.  First scan saw over 50% reductions in some spots, lungs specifically.

20638657_1876545285998667_5535337868005876711_nHope for continued tumor shrinkage this time around.  Ready to get checked out and then get ready to head home back to Las Vegas for a little R&R.

Guess I have to cross Mexico off my list of places to go, might be time to explore a little closer to home in the old U.S.A..  I hear Yellowstone and Glacier National Park calling my name, nice short drive for some unparalleled beauty.  Hard to beat the Teton’s.

Looking forward to some friends visiting  Vegas in a week or so.  Ready to start hitting the gym daily and have a have little desert time to boot.

Staying positive and hopeful for a good scan this week, living on Texas time.

Big thanks to Cassie Noel photography.  Got some great pictures of myself and my lovely wife.  Nice to see a college education yeild positive results, thanks Cassie.

2 thoughts on “Houston CT Scan, hope this miracle drug is still working…

  1. Someday Harry I hope to meet you. You’re a great upbeat motivator filled with real life gratitude . My prayers stay with you.


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