Hair of the dog

IMG_1102I made a comment not too long ago about my hair turning white, that was to my dismay, nothing compared to this.

My wife said I reminded her of Walter White, it’s great to be referred to as a crystal meth manufacturer.  While I wasn’t going for that look, I guess I will start looking for a used motor home,  my newest adventure.

A special thanks to my sister-in-law Sally for this parole look.  (I now carry a small bag of hair, I drop a hair in my soup and “free lunch”.  “There is a hair in my soup, but not on my head”

A Irish friend Peter recommended a full-sleeve tattoo.  Not sure of this look, but I’m sure I will get used to it.

Incidentally lost 32 pounds in less than a week! Time to find the pants I’ve outgrown, come to think of it who needs pants anyway.

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