Tired of your life, Consider this….

At some times it is easier to give up than not too.  When I got what I considered the worst news possible I nearly gave up.  Your worst news can be anything a partner relationship, a business failure or, in my case terminal cancer.

This week I had my worst news turn into my best news.   From news of my imminent demise, 6 months to live to your cancerous tumors have shrunk by over 50% in just six weeks. From acceptance of your fate to a positive projection of your destiny and personal expectations, a hope and a prayer does make a difference.

Never give up.  Never lose your faith.  Never lose your religion.  It is easy to think it’s time for a cocktail, or ten, or to lose yourself in pity or whatever self-created purgatory you might create to mourn your impending doom.

More than a few people have written me and expressed how courageous I was in the face of imminent death.  Here is the truth, I experienced every one of the aforementioned feelings.  My primary issues was fear of the unknown and my personal religious faith.  These dark holes are difficult hurdles to overcome.

The real bottom line is that this “giving up” applies to not only our health, but also to our family relationships and sometimes our work or business lives.  I have weathered business and marriage failures as well as miscalculations of life paths.  From my darkest hours I have risen above the failure in which I self-fulfilled my own prophesies.

It was sometimes easier to accept my situation with a little mind-numbing activity; however, in the end I have found fear was my strongest motivation.

Bankruptcy, divorce, losing a job, “over doing the party” all led me to the final conclusion that only I could overcome the situation I was in.  Always been quite proud of overcoming bankruptcy, business failures and even a failed marriage.  While I was all about my personal achievements believe me here.  This attitude worked on the “small stuff” acting kind of like mental masturbation.  That act is for ourselves.  Try to forget your pride and create your own ending to every story life throws at you.

Part of the real solution is always actual acceptance of the situation you find yourself in, whether  you made the situation or just wound up in there.

It doesn’t make any difference whose fault it is; however, imminent death via medical prognosis was my biggest hurdle.  I was not able to think my way out of, “you have six months to live…”

Big admit, after the shock I all but gave up on life and simply worked on accepting this bleak prognosis.  I was dreading death, angry that I had accumulated all of my “bullshit possessions” and that none of that actually made any difference.  It really did not make any difference to me hearing people talk about faith.  I felt faith had let me down, not realizing I really didn’t have any real faith to lean on.

While my battle is far from over, the pain and fear are no longer a part of the equation.

Here is what I found.  Only I can control my attitude concerning fear and anger.  Positive attitudes, and acceptance of my own destiny concerning death, along with a real leap of faith has allowed my sun to shine again.

That faith is partly be appreciative of what you have, considering that no matter how bad our situation seems to be others have worse things to deal with.

That faith is also finally thinking about what your life legacy will really be. 

Accepting your plight, dealing with the fear and then realizing that your only alternative is faith  and a positive attitude.

Friends, and people who didn’t even know me, have extended something that I feel is most critical, prayer.  Widespread prayer from those who have already realized one thing I hadn’t,  faith is the answer.  Win or lose,often our fear dictates the future.

Also realizing that I had a lot to be greatful for allowed me to release my anger and accept faith.  I appreciate all of the prayer and pledge to spend the balance of my life trying to help those less fortunate than myself.  Payback does not have to be a bitch.

Try to accept this, death is a part of life.  Getting ready for death is an ongoing process that can make or break your own attitude, or as Art Costello says, “fullfilling your own destiny thru positive expectations.”  You are what you expect you are.

According to the expert doctor at The Keck Cancer Center at USC in Los Angeles, I’m a dead man.  He gave me 6-months with an end that was far from positive.  Hospice care was just one suggestion.  “You are surgically finished here, I would like you to speak with our expert on Chemotherapy…”

I now realize that my true friends have faith in not only themselves, but in our maker.

Also, since I’m not a preacher I think it’s time for a little trip to Cabo, completion of my trial therapy and enjoying every day as if it were my last one on this earth.

Next blog needs to be somewhat lighter and possibly Wabo Cabo induced for just a minute.

8 thoughts on “Tired of your life, Consider this….

    ROMANS 10:9
    “If yes Confess Jesus Christ as Lord with your mouth and believe in your heart God hath raised Him from the dead yes shall be saved.”
    “If you confess your sins, He is Faithful and Just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteous.”
    “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.”
    “The prayer of faith will heal the sick.”
    “And they overcame him the devil by the word of their mouth and by the word of their testimony, and they lived not their lives, even unto to death.
    “The Power of Life and Death is in the tongue.

    SPEAK LIFE!!!!!!!

    “Because He Lives I can face tomorrow, because He Lives all fear is gone, because I KNOW He holds the future and life is worth living just because HE LIVES! ~ Lyrics of ‘Ole Timmy Hymn ~ HE LIVES


  2. Living and death are what life is about. While living we have the opportunity to surrender our life to God, who created us to begin with, and learn to keep faith He will save us to live with him forever after our last breath on earth. Or we can choose not to accept God as our savior and live with no hope for a future. Well, there is a future but it’s so terrible to comprehend that a human being will endure hell fire forever. We lucky ones who choose salvation like you did Harry won’t need to worry about that 2nd death. Welcome to the Kingdom Harry Fuller.


  3. Oh my Harry you are a total inspiration! You are the best writer who can demonstrate your life in real words! Yes we have been praying we all need prayer where heartache, diseases, and evil are in this world! But with God’s help we can have victory! Love you brother! Thank you for loving my sister! ❤️


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