Sitting downtown in a railway station…

Woke up this  morning in Normal, Illinois at about 4:45AM!  Since I live across the street from the railway station (aka Modal Transportation Center), when this  Brewer & Shipley tune came on,  I started thinking that the alarm clock (train whistle) acts as a mourning worbler  for uptown Normal.

Not too long ago, when we completed our loft apartment,  just across the street from the train station, I would sit up when the train whistle blew long and loud and start humming Johnny Cash tunes.  Obviously I heard the train a coming it’s rolling down the track…..  Easier to think of a bird’s song than a dark Johnny Cash tune every morning!

I then reviewed the 13 airfare charges I made last night before I went to sleep.  These tickets take me from Las Vegas to Houston and back, generally on the same day, for a physical exam, blood check, three complete body scans and picking up the daily pill allocations between now and October 5th.  Airfare charges totaled $5375.00 for me alone!  Thanks for the blessing of being able to afford this added transportation expense.

This cost is far less than setting up a temporary home in Houston for the next four to six months.

Another big advantage/benefit  of all of this Southwestern airfare should be free companion tickets for my wife for the balance of this year and all of 2018.  My goal now is to live long enough to really utilize this benefit!

Another note is that I received my Illinois Cannabis Card.  Seems this is pretty difficult to obtain in the State of Illinois unless you are dying of something!  Stage 4 cancer happens to be a good rapid qualifier; however, the state will only issue it for 6-months.   If you live past that, you can reapply and pay a substantial fee to continue.  Also hard to believe I recently quite smoking pot,  since I didn’t want to create further complications with my tumor filled lungs.  I do still enjoy an edible product occasionally with some home-infused portuguese virgin olive oil or cana-butter.  The dispensary was small, but nice.  They had just about everything needed except for patients!  The cards are so difficult to obtain business is pretty slow considering.  This all too will change when the State opens the recreational floodgates that will pour millions of new taxes into the system.  

This is day seven of my MDanderson genetic clinical trial.  Two pills every day at exactly 9:17am and then making an entry into a pharmaceutical diary detailing any “symptoms” I might have experienced since I last took the pills.  Even got a phone call yesterday inquiring as to the fact that I had reported no symptoms since beginning the magic pills.

The good news is that if the body doesn’t reject this experimental medication, I can continue to increase the daily dosage which to date has provided the most favorable results for this clinical trial test.  

Getting ready to return to Las Vegas this Sunday.  Ready for some sunshine and desert fun! A few days to relax before my June 1st trip to Houston.



2 thoughts on “Sitting downtown in a railway station…

  1. Keep on keeping on my friend. You have so much good left to give in this world. I pray that God can wait long enough for you to make a real difference. Love and many prayers


  2. Harry–

    It may be on a shelf now, but when we first visited back in March, we left a little light blue book called The Untethered Soul.
    If you haven’t felt the impetus to pick it up & read it yet, here’s a link to the interview that led me to not just buy it, but read it twice (so far), and buy it as a gift for many, including you, my friend.–Michael-Singer-The-Untethered-Soul

    I have the interview saved on our DVR. It’s helped me in the past (w/Jack’s journey), and whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed, it’s one of my go-to tools to settle down anxiety.



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