Time has come today! GMO time

I have been against  unlabeled GMO (genetically modified organisms) in the food chain for quite some time,  it is ironic that I  myself will undergo a GMO human experimental trial next week.  That said I feel this might be my best chance to stop a rapidly spreading a stage four cancer which has spread from my bladder, to my kidneys and my lungs.

Better times sitting under an Italian sun enjoying my wife and life

So the time has come to pack my bag and head to Texas next week on May 16th.  After a number of base experiment measurements ekg, echo and who knows what else on Wednesday, the drug trial starts on Thursday.  To date still no symptoms; hopefully, this treatment could allow me to miss the slow deterioration into the abyss.

Part of this trial is a fastidious logging of any symptoms that may appear during this trial.  When the doctor told me that none of my chemotherapy treatments had worked, she then informed me that I was only the 4th person to qualify for this experiment  since 2015 at MD Anderson!  (There are approximately 180 people participating around the world, but only three at the place it was developed.)

The trial qualification had a specific requirment that my body had to have a very specific mutated gene.  Always thought I was somewhat of a mutant, guess it finally has paid off!

Still feeling strong and enjoying every day as if it were my last.  If I only make one suggestion to anyone it is this, keep your faith and fear nothing.  Spend each day as if it was your last day and then consider tommorow a blessing.  

After beginning this process I will return home to Illinois for a week and then back to the labaratory three times a month for the next few months.

Also rumors of a Led Zepplin reunion for this falls Desert Trip Concert, hope I’m still here to enjoy it.  Going to buy a few tickets anyway.  I’ve mentioned it before, but music has helped me get my head in the right place for this journey.  

Kiss your children and pray for our servicemen and women who are risking their lives for us every day.  (If you have any prayers left I can still use a few more prayers myself)





6 thoughts on “Time has come today! GMO time

  1. Only the good die young!!!! Led Zep will be waiting for you!!!

    Sending you a lot of positive vibes and prayers Harry!!!

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  2. Awww, Harry….you always have such great insight and advice. You will see that concert and sail thru this treatment and your mutant self will be whole again for the world to continue to enjoy!! Always praying for you and Barbie!!

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  3. I pray for you and Barbie and your families often Harry. Your attitude and journey blogs are insightful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Over the next couple of weeks I will pray for successful treatments and that God provides you with many more opportunities to continue serving others. Peace and love.

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  4. This is very exciting, Harry!! My BFF has been receiving treatment for a mutated gene form of leukemia and is considered in remission right now. Though she continues the treatment, she is not going to die from this even though only a few years earlier she would have had no hope (she was stage 4 when she started the program).

    As for the Led Zeppelin reunion, count me in!!!! My favorite band EVER!!! Of course you know my favorite song is Goin to California 😉

    Thanks for sharing. We miss you and Barbie so much!! Hope we can see you soon!!!

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