Viva Las Vegas

Heading home this morning and I can hardly wait to get home because, as Randy Newman sings, “you’ve got your desert, I’ve got mine!”

Ready to get home for the five-star dining, first-rate entertainment and friendly folks I’ve already met.  Also ready to explore the rugged desert terrain bordering Area 51 and the beautiful Death Valley.  Who knew the beauty I would find in this desolate area which is avoided by most.  From the desert bloom to the area that seems like another planet I love it all.

Had a great time visiting family and friends for the last month or so; however, Vegas provides me with a place to reflect and enjoy God’s creation.

Now it’s time to wait for the call to report in for a DNA attack on this thing called cancer. It’s incredible to realize the number of people who suffer from this dread disease; however, I’ve always thought it was our creator’s way of “thinning the herd”.  Those who know me realize I’m not a whiner and if I am going down, I’m going down swinging.  

This call is to report to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas!  After finding out that the massive doses of chemotherapy, for the past six weeks, has had absolutely no effect on me.   It was determined that my DNA genetic makeup was impervious to chemotherapeutic  treatment, and other typical treatments, I was informed that my biological markers qualified me as the fourth person at MD Anderson, since 2015, to enter this radical type of treatment.  There are approximately 180 people around the world participating.  Successful results are quite possible, if the “GMO” treatment doesn’t kill you.  Either way looks like a little more time.  While I have always considered myself to be a self-made man, I now realize that wide-spread prayers can be answered.  By the way  I have prayed for acceptance to this new form of treatment that might be considered a cure, but more likely an extension on my expiration date.

Before I go, I’ve got a little more living to do.  If time permits, I will complete the bucket list I’ve been working on for the past decade.  I would also like to let you know where to get the best donuts.

Living each day like it’s my last I hope it will be interesting.  If you have followed this blog you might already know an alternative view I heard in Amsterdam.

One of the likely side-effects of this life changing therapy is the complete loss of the sense of taste.  Those who know my son Clinton, an Ironman athlete, have heard his chant that I’m not a whiner, I’m a winner! Myself I’ve always planned for the worst and prayed for the best, that way I’m covered either way.


Happy Trails my friends and please do something that makes you feel good today, tomorrow and know that this could be your last day on the planet, make it count!

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