Illinois, corrupt to the core?

Medical marijuana was enacted a while back in Illinois.  As a weed supporter,  it sounded like a good start when the bill  was enacted.  Opening the green door was, in my opinion, the first step to legalizing this viable option to prozac and other addictive narcotics and alcohol.   While the elected officials that passed this medical marijuana act had the right attitude, here is an example of the folks who have been empowered to distribute the medical use cards.

While participating in a cancer centers education program that they require prior to writing a prescription to get the “card” I heard a story concerning a least two physicians experience with the State of Illinois regulators.  They had traveled to visit a legal dispensary to discuss the different cannabis options available for the people they were recommending for card considerations and issuance here is what happened.

Within five minutes of entering a dispensary and taking a tour, they encountered several patients who were in the store while they were taking a tour.  Since they are the people who are authorized to write prescriptions, they found it more than a little interesting to discuss how the patients using this program felt concerning utilizing cannabis and what forms of the medication were most effective for them.  Within five minutes the telephone in the dispensary was ringing in the dispensary demanding that the doctors not be allowed to interview any patients and in-fact they wanted the doctors to be ejected from the dispensary itself!  Of course the doctors complied with the State of Illinois demands.  But it raised a few concerning questions to me.

  1.  If the physicians empowered to issue qualified patients to apply for medical cards, how could the State ban them from even being in a legal dispensary.  Of note-they were not attempting to purchase any products, rather to see exactly what their patients might find in a legal dispensary.
  2. Who appointed this moron to monitor dispensaries in the first place?
  3. The cameras in every dispensary are monitored to be certain only qualified people are making purchases?  (good thinking)
DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0

I don’t belive the state monitors our drug stores who are dispensing massive quantities of narcotics daily in a way that has created an addiction nightmare for unassuming patients who felt if a doctor wrote the script, hello Elvis!  When touring Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion the guides are very quick to remind tourists that, Elvis had never used illegal drugs and only used medical scripts given to him by doctors.

Often when I tell someone I’m from Illinois the conversation immediately goes to our typical governors retirement program, in that they report to a federal prison to serve time.

Calling every governor or elected official corrupt is not correct; however, it appears that some of our leaders corruption does “trickle down” to many elected officials and that includes appointees.  A corrupt leader affects the entire system, here is an example of the ignorant directives that some of our elected officals use to administrate state laws.

From selling commercial drivers licenses, to U.S. Congressman’s misappropriation of tax funds for personal use, Chicago aldermen and building department officials who look past life safety issues for cash this is but one other reason the State of Illinois has become one of the most fled state in our country.

The basic premise often sounds good, but the actual implementation of this noble cause often leaves something to be desired.  

By the way, if it is determined you have a terminal illness with less than six months to live, the state does expedite your card at no charge.  Other than that, I understand that it is very difficult to qualify for a cannabis card.  For example in Nevada, you can get a card for headaches, bad menstrual cramps or even a “chronic pain” in your knee.  This would be the other end of medical qualification for a card.

I will remain positive and have faith that the times they are a changing.  In the mean time have a brownie.

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