Prayers answered!

If you don’t believe in the power of prayer, listen to this.

Found out this morning that the massive doses of triple chemotherapeutic treatments were having absolutely no positive effects on my my stage 4 bladder cancer, zero.  No side effects and no benefits.  Then I was told that I did qualify for a mutated Gene therapy I was hoping for.

This trial is somewhat difficult to qualify for, in-fact it the last two years I am the 4th person at MDAnderson that qualified.  I knew the chances were slim and thought only a miracle would make this happen!

So, the power of wide-spread prayer did make this miracle happen.  Thanks for your prayers and a special thanks to Joe Grier for illustrating what faith, positive attitude and prayer can do.  I have felt Joe was one of the most successful men I have ever known.  Thanks for helping me realize that what is important is one’s faith.

For a guy who focused on money’s power for far too long, I now see the light.

Now it’s time to help others realize this awesome strength that is within us all.  Time for some payback and time to renew my faith in our creator and Jesus.

So thanks for all your prayers and thoughts,  this payback will be from a humble guy who will thank you all and God until the end.  Also thanks to the many souls who have passed attempting to cure cancer.  

Anyone who knows me realizes I am no preacher, the best I can do is to try to be a teacher and help those who have been less fortunate than I have.

Ready to party this Saturday with friends at the Rock The Block Party in Uptown Normal, remember the password at the gate, “I’m with Harry Fuller”

10 thoughts on “Prayers answered!

  1. This is awesome news, Harry! John and I have been praying for you and Barbie faithfully. Now, hopefully, to get some positive results! When do you start?


  2. I am so happy Harry best news ever. I thanked God after I heard the news ❤️ We weren’t ready to let you go and he wasn’t ready for you yet 😀


  3. God is great!!! I cant wait to see you Saturday Harry!! Congratulations on being accepted into the program!! Continued prayers blessings love and good vibes being sent your way

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    1. I am so very hopeful for you Harry and praying you have the success in your treatment that is needed for many years to come. Wish I could give you a hugs and tell you how happy I am that the prayers are beinging answered. The power of prayer is very powerful. I love you and God bless you Harry. Life is only getting better. Hugs.

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