Deadman Talking Not cranky!

First trial medication dose 5/19/2017…..first body-scan checkup/checkin June 27th.  Been feeling pretty good every morning,  good to not be dead!  Yesterday June 10th I noticed my first real symptom of my experimental treatment.

It seems like every week has been focused around Thursday, getting up around 4:00am, taking off on the flight from Las Vegas to Houston.  Then later in that same day, around 8:15pm, taking the last flight from Houston back home to Las Vegas.  Seems like that night flight is often delayed and I have been getting home around midnight.  This is often making for a 20-hour day.  Kind of easy to see how I might have a little fatigue; however, I have rejected that this fatigue is a symptom of any type.  The symptom free experience all ended Saturday morning when I looked into the bathroom mirror.

I have lost almost all color pigmentation in my hair.  From a dark brown to a stark , colorless white.  I was shocked that besides the white hair, while thinning for more than a few years, was becoming more sparse than ever before.  For those of you who remember The Man From Glad, this image instantly flashed thru my mind.  Now I need to find a Saturday Night Fever white suit and I will be ready to roll!


Hair color change and subsequent loss there of

By having been asked, on every  Thursday visit to Houston, if I have experienced any new symptoms I have been anticipating the worst, while still hoping for the best.

I have anticipated weight loss, fatigue, blisters on my hands and feet, losing the sense of taste and similar symptoms experienced by the few others taking this same experimental drug.  To date, with the exception of hair color pigmentation loss, no other symptoms!

I have also noticed an increase in my phosphate levels; however, I was given another drug to combat this issue.  In addition to that I have had to change my eating habits to limit phosphate levels in my diet, no cheese, no processed potatoes, no chocolate, no gravy, no whole grain breads and a long list of things I have always enjoyed eating.

A small price to pay considering the alternatives suggested from more than one physician who indicated my life was about to end with excruciating pain being the closing chapter of my life.  Guess this is why I thought of Dead Man Talking.

The worst thing I have experienced is the whining bullshit spewed constantly by Wolf Blitzer on airport television every Thursday.  Hey Wolf, I get it you don’t like the current administration.  I’m not real fond of them either, but I would appreciate it if you would just shut up and stop repeating yourself every minute that you are on the air.  You are the epitamy of negative energy, you would be better suited to join The View where you would likely fit into that format very effectively.  Time for everyone to become more positive in their expectations of our destiny.  Only other whinners like hearing other whinners bitching every minute of every day,  Thank God for Itunes.

Also Thank God that I’m still standing and anticipating heading to Cabo for a few days of rest and relaxation next month.  Maybe a little Lake Tahoe or San Diego next weekend to get tuned up.

Stay positive, be positive and spread your positive energy to anyone you might come in contact with.

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5 thoughts on “Deadman Talking Not cranky!

  1. Hurray for you Harry. Love your positive attitude and your humor. We need more of you in this world. Will be in Vegas in late September, don’t know exact dates yet, but would love to see you. Gretchen

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  2. That’s so great to hear Harry. You are still a handsome man, white, thinning hair and all! Love the updates and positive energy you spew.

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  3. Thank you for shining hope in my struggles at this difficult time but with determination and exercise, diet plan and medicine I see a bright light. Thanks for the laughter you brought me in your reference to Wolf and The View loved it. We ALL need to stop complaining about everything and take life as a gift and enjoy. You have such strength on your journey and thank you for sharing and inspiring all.

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