Cars, tell a story of styles

Couldn’t find any pix of my Opel GT, 64 Ford Galaxie 500XL convertible, 62 Chevrolet Corvan, 51 Ford, 1975 Ford Granada, 1984 Volvo 245DL wagon (375,000 miles), or …….all pre-cell phone era.

Still have my favorite ride, a 1951 shortbed, five-window pickup truck.  Although I was born same year as the truck, the truck is weathering it’s age much better than I am.  (I have that thought everytime I take it out for a spin)  Sunday morning drives with my yorkshire terrier were the best, up the old route 66 until it was time to turn around.

Forgetting the speed and enjoying the ride has always been an enjoyable way for me to cruise highways.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve always had the need for speed and screaming down a road in german machine into Death Valley somehow has always provided me with a great release of tensions and stress.

Another thought sometimes you can determine a persons true self in a rusty old beater, judging a book from an expensive cover only can reveal one thing.  How humble is this person driving a car valued more than most people’s homes?  I hope humble enough.  Again, I don’t think they give any consideration as to the value of your ride at the pearly gates!

My first new car, a 1975 Ford Granada had a list price of $2900.00, my last car 2017 AMG63 SUV list price $152,975.00.

Both cars were fun; however, I think I had as much fun in the Granada as the AMG so far!

Morale:  The passengers are more important than the ride.

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