Time to drink the koolaide again

Medical update:  So far, so good.  No pain, round 2 chemotherapeutic treatment going on now.  Thanks Neil Young for taking this trip with me today March 27th. The following sums it up

  1. I will do a followup after the April MDAnderson meetings to let you know if I have been accepted into this radically different type of cancer treatment. Experimental gene modification research!  Gene modification study.
  2. You might not have heard or read about this actual gene splicing!  Some people’s results have been both very encouraging (45-50 % of participating patients experience a symptom-free life between lasting between 24 and 60 months.  The remaining patients don’t fare too well.  Planning for the worst, hoping for the best.
  3. It might be time for a funny Amsterdam story next time?

Got some homemade brownies for lunch and to jog my Amsterdam memories.


7 thoughts on “Time to drink the koolaide again

  1. Thanks for letting everyone read your story. Love to you and Barbie! With God all things are possible. Love your positive attitude.

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  2. Continuing to cover you and BARBIE in prayer!!! Keep rocking it in the face. Between God and a positive attitude, nothing is impossible!

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  3. Thank you for setting up this blog recounting your life’s journeys to the mountaintops and through the valleys . . . we will look forward to future chapters! Years ago my career was at the National Institutes of Health in a division of molecular genetics. . . at the time on the cutting edge of gene sequencing beyond the double helix and experimentation which would hopefully lead someday to gene replacement therapy for not only Cancer but genetic disorders. . . I think you’re there Harry!! Our prayers stay with you Harry (your name is on our prayer bulletin board in our laundry room) . . . Bev & Lane Smith

    (P.S. Have you seen the movie “Extraordinary Measures” with Harrison Ford? It came out about 5-6 years ago . . . it was not a box office hit probably because it was too specific, but a subject close to the heart of the principal actors . . . . true story . . . I personally know.)

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      1. We had just returned to Vegas from a nine-day road trip & were pleasantly surprised to see the roladon(sp?:) shutters up on your windows . . . but the next day you were gone!! Look forward to seeing you when you get back to Vegas in between treatments.


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