How to be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree….


  • How do you define happiness?  For years I felt happiness would come with the accumulation of money and wealth.  While that concept drove me to work not harder,  but really smarter,  I kept coming up a little short on the bliss part until around 15 years ago.  
  • Earlier in life I also got my house repossessed, got divorced, went bankrupt, gave up and decided that I needed to return to one of the first job I ever had, a magazine salesman.  Of all the places I thought I could make it big, this was not on the top of my list.  I was mistaken.
  • Don’t get me wrong, the money provided me with what I understood as happiness.…first the ability to provide shelter and food for my family, then by buying up a little bit, of a then decrepit downtown Normal, traveling to Europe on a pretty regular basis to pickup a few German cars and cruising around normally ending in Amsterdam was el mucho fun.
  • The real fun started to happen when I met this girl pictured above and below.  The trips to Spain, France, Italy, Monte Carlo, Germany and all over the USA started to become an almost insatiable desire to experience new places together.  Funny thing is neither of us really have any demands on the other, I know we both enjoy each other’s company.  While we have opened and started a few companies, one big thing came out!  Neither of us had any desire to outdo or control the other one.  The main goal was,  let’s get thid job done and keep the fun coming along the way.  Laughing everyday at our success and our failures is what bound us together.  Have faith in your partner, or find someone you can trust and love.  You might even be able to find yourself and keep the same one!
  • Must’ve been love when I signed over the controlling interests for all of my properties,investments and my health  directives a short while ago.  (Also note I had kept everything in my name, had a prenuptial agreement and now realize that this alone might have cost me the most important person in my life). She didn’t care about the prenuptial, says more about Barbie than me!
  • More than a few friends have told me they are amazed how a guy with such a bleak medical prognosis  can be in such a good mood?  I’ve told most of you that I used up all my tears, along with Barbie’s tears, on a seemingly endless drive from USC in Los Angeles to our home in Las Vegas.  (A 4-4.5 hour drive, depending on your radar and radar jamming equipment built into your car.  (best $2500 option to put on any Porsche product that will fullfill your need for speed)
  • Then I woke up the next morning in our own bed in Las Vegas.  As I looked at my sleeping wife and walked out to grab a cup of coffee to watch the sun hit the mountain tops I felt an odd sense of relief.  I was glad I was lucky enough to have a few nice homes, a few nice cars, a lot of global exploration travel, a wonderful, loving wife and one other thing that the doctors gave me the day before in Los Angeles, an expiration date for my milk carton of life!  More than a few of my friends have dropped like rocks with massive heart failure or a stroke that left them disabled.  They never had a chance to say goodbye to their families, all their feelings and concerns were left on the table and possibly unsaid. Some had made plans for their loved ones, most had not.  I can remember a time that I had to sell my wedding band at Sears to get enough money for baby formula, not bitching here just sayying I understand desperation and what it does to a soul.
  • This is about the time I punched up a little Lucky Man from a favorite ELP tune.  It just about summed up my feelings and from that moment forward I determined that I would continue to do what needs to be done.  I’m certainly concerned with my medical future; however, the 2nd massive 8 hour chemo treatment has left me with no side effects.  I still feel great physically.  I appreciate everyone’s prayers and I think they might be working!  I’ve got my second interview at MDAnderson in Houston, Texas April 19th, 2017.  Not sure how the genetic modification of my genes will work out.  I’m hoping for a 50/50 chance of gaining an additional 24-60 months of symptom free living because as the song says, “what a lucky man he was”.  (the other 50% not such a positive result, that’s where prayer comes in)
  • Here is one takeaway for all of my friends, if you don’t have a ton of cash and equities, purchase enough term life insurance to protect your spouse and loved ones in the event of hour untimely departure from this world we live in.  As I have spoken with a few more people who are knocking on death’s door, their fear of leaving their family unprepared to carry on financially is more devastating mentally than death itself.  (I.e. Breaking Bad)
  • Next blog about some memories of one thing I do love-different cultures, travel and why my wife and I love to explore this wonderful world.  Later and have a great day, it could be your, or my, last.  Imagine it is your last day on earth and you are ready to let your loved ones hear what you already know, tell them you love them.
  • Michael Godard, Barbie and me

3 thoughts on “How to be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree….

  1. Thank you Harry for sharing, you touch my heart daily, I really love how you are living life on yours and Barbies terms. enjoying each day, discovering the world and making the most of each day. My prayers are with you, Barbie and your family. Keep smiling and sharing, love you both.


  2. I just wanted to let you know what an honor to know you and Barbie. This post brought me to tears. You are so spot on enjoy every second every moment as if it is your last. 3 years ago I got that wake up call and treasure life. Harry when working for you there is a saying from the script that says how young you are and I cannot tell you how many people that I made them feel better because I tell them it’s just a number if you woke up this morning you are still young. Thanks for all your confidence and style. Purely classic. Keeping you and Barbie in my prayers daily.

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