The long and winding road……Paul McCartney

Thanks for clicking on this blog.   We have communicated on Facebook and that’s o.k., but I thought this might be an easier way to communicate on a two-way basis.

I love a good story, I love a good song and I really love exchanging ideas on a plethora of issues and subjects.  Quite a few of these stories are very funny, on more than a few of them the participant might even prefer their name was not used.  We may leave that up to them if they want to comment.  

Travels to Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Holland & Amsterdam and around the old USA have made for a realatively complete life with some funny and some not so funny experiences.

Hopefully, you will learn a little more about me and I can learn a little more about you.  Taking a horrible situation and relating it to humor has left me laughing and crying at the same time.

This blog is designed to make it easy to respond with an opposing view or an agreement.  I will still post on Facebook and Instagram.  There is no plan to edit or block your response to whatever you find funny or otherwise.  As long we agree to also disagree and respect each other opinions I’m all in for this two-way conversation.

Some people have attempt to value ones life work based on second homes, Porsches, jewelry, cash and other material things. Others have identified that there is much more to measure success other than being wealthy and other than simple finances or personal possessions.  The truth about my personal success is quite different than just some expensive things.  (Don’t get me wrong all the material stuff is fun!)

Laughter and smiles are what make’s my life go round.  If you don’t already know, the world is open for a friendly smile and a real interest in your story as well as theirs.

I’ve been up and I’ve been down and pretty much everywhere in-between.  By planning for the worst and hoping for the best I typically have been able to handle most of life’s tribulations for over 65 years.

I was going to write a few tearstained letters, but that my friend has already been covered  by Johhny Cash.  You might notice that I will often open a this blog quoting some words from the many songs that have been the soundtrack of my life.  If you aren’t familiar with a particular song I would suggest Youtube or some other open music source you can enjoy for free!

I hope you will enjoy this simple trip thru my life, some very positive and some no so much.  If nothing else I think you can discover something about yourself, as well as something about me.  Travel, family, love, dislikes, cancer and yes even a little bit about death and our exit from this world are all a common path everyone must travel.

Speaking of traveling down a path I’ve got some pretty funny stories from Amsterdam which became my Thanksgiving Mecca for a number of years.  On more than a few European and American road trips one thing was common, laughter.  My partner Barbie have laughed so hard that we pee’d ourselves, just a little.  I’ve rambled around this planet seeking out 5-star restaurants, scenic vistas, twisted mountain roads and some of the most talented musicians doing what they know best.

Anyway, if you subscribe I promise you at least two things:

1.  The truth as I know it

2.  Some pretty funny stories

One other thing for sure, I am not a preacher that is best left to the clergy.  Every picture tells a story, even without “a picture”.

I’m a guy born in 1951 from Peoria, Illinois who has traveled a bit, moved a bit, landed in Normal, Illinois and then I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  From my first home, a trailer in tornado alley to a house with the concrete pond inside.  I have made some incredible friends whose more interesting stories I will also share.

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  1. Love it Harry. Keep ’em coming! There’s at least one story that if you share you need to leave out my name…you know the one lol Love you guys and I can’t wait to make more memories with you!


    1. We realize your political brands value. The last time TMZ called about you I told them the only party I recalled was in a tent in your backyard. Your safe is secret with me.


  2. You are an amazing man. Love the stories you share and all you and Barbie do for your family and friends. Thank you for sharing your life with me and my family. Praying for you daily. Keep making memories

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